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5 times that Somy Ali made us proud! A force of nature, actress Somy Ali, who runs a US-based NGO called No More Tears


5 times that Somy Ali made us proud!

A force of nature, actress Somy Ali, who runs a US-based NGO called No More Tears, tirelessly works to save and rehabilitate victims of domestic violence and rape. Somy, who will turn a year older this year, is inspiring and motivating the youth, by all that she does. 

1.    Saving the world, one victim at a time: Be the story of how she started her NGO, or the enormous number of victims that she has saved during this time, Somy leaves no stone unturned to help those who need it. From arranging for the travel of these victims through donors, to making sure they are safe, and rehabilitated, Somy makes sure to be with them all the way!

2.    Won’t mince her words: In the world of sycophants today, we need someone who is bold enough to say what she feels, and Somy is surely someone who does that. Be it her interviews or other public appearances, Somy does to shy away from the truth, and makes sure to call a spade, a spade. 

3.    Social media influencer, but with a purpose:  With every second celebrity turning into a social media influencer today, it’s refreshing to see someone who is on social media with a purpose. Somy’s social media posts is all about updates about her latest work, as well as details about her NGO, and it’s needs and achievements. She also makes sure to talk about stuff that matters such as mental health and female empowerment on social media. 

4.    Mental health advocate: Somy has time and again focussed on what really matters, and that is mental health. She often posts stuff on social media, and also gives out interviews on how mental health must be a priority. She has often complimented actress Deepika Padukone on how she started the dialogue on mental health awareness. 

5.    Shares her life: Unlike many celebrities, Somy is not someone who minces her words when it comes to sharing details about her past struggles. Be it her traumatic childhood, her challenging time in the industry, or why she shifted to the US, she makes sure to share each and every detail, in the hope that it will give someone else strength.

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