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Aaishvary Thackeray dazzles music lovers with his lyrics for Raveena Mehta's new single 'Moonlight'

Video :Indie Singer Raveena Mehta's 'Moonlight' reaches 1 Million views in 1 day of release
moon light

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Knowing various art is talent, but becoming an artist takes a lot of hard work and practice. While there are many people who are good at art, not everyone can make it as a successful artist. One such artist who has showcased to the world the power of dance and music is Aaishvary Thackeray. In spite of being from a renowned political family, he has always given his passion for performing arts, the love, respect, and attention it deserves. As we all know that the artist community is all about collaboration, recently seeing Aaishvary Thackeray collaborate on Singer Raveena Mehta’s new single Moonlight will surely leave you moonstruck.

By taking over the role of the lyricist himself, he was able to produce some great words for her composition. The lyrics resonate and willfully express the sentiments of a woman as she approaches the man she is falling for. This is an ode to the young girls and women out there to own it, be who they are, and approach each situation with confidence. We are thrilled to see how wonderful the video has turned out and it has resonated with more than 1 million views in just a single day from the release. It gets us curious as to what next are the duo going to offer to their fans.

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