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Aadesh Chaudhary on Influencers and actors: People might do anything to earn money, but to earn a name is an art


Actor Aadesh Chaudhary says that with so many social media influencers today, earning a name for yourself is tough. He adds that the same is true for actors as well.

“Well, these days, being a social media influencer is a kind of talent, and they're earning money through running ads. But actors, what I believe, have a different life because actors are known for their creativity and their craft,” he says.

He adds, “If we had started at the right time, we would have also earned in crores. The perception is changing now, so now even actors are doing it. So basically, first acting used to be in cinema, then only television came, then the web. And now YouTube has become so popular that it has grown to such an extent that now even actors are also into influencing. Acting is acting, cinema is cinema, you can't compare it to anything else.”

Just based on the number of followers, be it Instagram or YouTube influencers are making big money, he says, adding, “This is basically a complete advertisement. If they have followers, how many are there? Basically how many people is this content reaching. People might do anything to earn money, but to earn a name in an art. Essentially, influencers engage in these “talks" to earn money. They make money, they have followers, but the thing is that responsibility increases with them, what is it that you are imparting. Nowadays, there's a lot of knowledge on the internet.”

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