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Actor Madhav Abhyankar to essay the role of a villain, ‘Sudarshan Tripathi’ in &TV’s Atal

Actor Madhav Abhyankar to essay the role of a villain, ‘Sudarshan Tripathi’ in &TV’s Atal

&TV's Atal is all set to introduce a new villain named Sudarshan Tripathi, who will play a crucial role in Atal Bihari Vajpayee's life. Madhav Abhyankar, who has been a part of many successful Marathi shows and plays, has been roped in to portray the significant character. His role as an antagonist will stir up new hurdles and challenges in Young Atal's (Vyom Thakkar) life. Talking about his character, Madhav Abhayankar, aka Sudarshan Tripathi, shares, “In the show, I will essay Sudarshan Tripathi, a strict Pandit characterised by his ultra-conservative views on social status, caste, and religion. Sudarshan epitomises staunch belief in tradition and principles, valuing stability, continuity, and moral integrity above everything else. He derives wisdom from age-old customs, beliefs, and codes of conduct passed down through generations. As the esteemed president of Gwalior’s community, he prioritises maintaining order, preserving culture, and upholding moral standards, considering adherence to his principles crucial. His close relationships with British officials and local royalty make him a valuable ally to both parties. While audiences may be familiar with my past portrayals of antagonistic characters, Sudarshan Tripathi’s character in &TV’s ‘Atal’ promises to be more intense. I believe it will offer viewers a fresh perspective.”

Sharing brief details about his character entry in the track, the actor adds, “My introduction to the show will coincide with the Ram Navami celebrations. Niti, who has sought Atal's (Vyom Thakkar) help to continue her studies and avoid marriage, will accompany Krishna Devi and Atal to their mohalla during the Ram Navami puja. Niti's parents urgently seek assistance from Sudarshan Tripathi. Upon arriving at the scene, Sudarshan Tripathi wastes no time. He immediately orders the commencement of wedding preparations, insisting that Shyam Bihari (Milind Dastane) perform the rituals and promptly unite Niti with her groom. He ensures the marriage proceeds in front of Atal and the gathered crowd, shocking everyone. Will Atal be able to help Niti and save her from getting married? Now, how will Atal be able to convince Niti’s parents to help her continue her education?”
Get ready for the intense drama and new challenges as Madhav Abhyankar takes on the role of Sudarshan Tripathi in Atal, airing every Monday to Friday at 8:00 pm only on &TV.

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