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Actor Ravi Mann talks about his series Paurashpur 3

Actor Ravi Mann talks about his series Paurashpur 3

Actor Ravi Mann, whom we have seen in shows like Teri Meri Doriyaann, and Anupamaa, will be seen in ALTT Balaji’s successful series ‘Paurashpur 3’ as King Aditya. Throwing more light on his character and the show, he says, "I liked the character King Aditya which gives me a real king feel especially when I am on the grand set.”

He also adds, ”The public is hooked on Paurashpur already so  there is no doubt  that viewers will enjoy watching. Of course, I should not disclose what's coming in the next episode. A spark of curiosity should be maintained in the audience. Talking about my character, the writers have portrayed the love of a king for his wife and the story of how he's trying to get her along with him into his kingdom. For that, he has gone to Paurashpur to fight with the Yashodhan to free his wife from prison.”

On asking about doing certain bold scenes in the series, he says,” In the beginning, I was a little hesitant but later on I got comfortable with my co-actors while shooting. It was the demand of the story and I didn't want to compromise my work.
What can I say about Ekta Kapoor ma'am...she is a role model for many people. She has worked so hard for the growth of ALTT Balaji, words are not enough to describe her hard work towards all of her shows . I always wanted to work with her and I hope I'll work in some daily soap with Ekta ma'am.”

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