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Aditya Deshmukh: All actors should watch plays, even if they are not part of theatre


Aditya Deshmukh: All actors should watch plays, even if they are not part of theatre

Actor Aditya Deshmukh says that World Theatre Day is a day that must hold a lot of significance for all actors. He adds that actors from all mediums should learn from theatre actors and how they give performances without retakes. 

“I think it’s a very auspicious and a very big day for all the actors, who belong to theatre and also for those who don't belong to theatre as well. I think every actor should have and experience of being part of theatre, or should at least watch plays so that they will get an idea of how exactly the performances happen without any retakes, without any cuts,” he says.

Talking about his tryst with theatre, he says, “My experience was really good. I have done few plays and we have taken them to festivals. I remember during the initial time of my career and even in my college days, I had participated in many plays. I have got a chance to direct few plays as well. So, it was amazing experience of working with so many phenomenal actors. I feel that a theatre artist is always a serious artist. Even today, if I get a chance to play or to work with an actor, who is a theatre artist, I would love to do it.” 

He adds, “Theatre has been a turning point in my life. When you do a play, you get to know how to do deliver your dialogues, the pitch, how the mannerism of an actor should be. It’s the same as being in an acting school, in fact, even better. And that experience can be used in films now.” 

He says that all good actors have some or the other association with theatre. “Everyone has their own viewpoint. But I believe, I won't say that doing theatre should be mandatory but one should do theatre for our personal growth. I remember, a versatile actor of Marathi Industry, Ashok Saraf, was asked to choose between movies and theatre. He said, that you're actually making me choose between mother and father. Even Shah Rukh Khan has learnt acting from NAC. A lot of actors have done theatre. If not being part of plays, I feel that all actors must at least watch plays for sure,” he says.

Anyone who is in Mumbai, and is fond of theatre, is a big fan of Prithvi Theatre. Prithvi Theatre was started by Shashi Kapoor's wife and is still an icon of art and culture. “I think Prithvi Theatre is the benchmark of all the actors. They all want to perform there. It's a big opportunity. If I tell my family that I'm going to perform in Prithvi theatre, my mom and dad will be super happy. It’s the power of that place. That place has a vibe. And one thing that happened to me as far as Prithvi theatre is concerned was that when I was confused about what I wanted to do in life, I felt a vibe at Prithvi. I felt like that was another world. I said I want that in my life, and that when I realised that acting was the medium I should take to my happiness,” he says.

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