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Anuraadha Tewari: I lucked out right at the beginning of my career!

Anuraadha Tewari: I lucked out right at the beginning of my career!

Writer- Director Anuraadha Tewari says that both luck and hard work go together in the industry. She adds that one cannot replace the other.

“I think, being at the right place, at the right time, plays a role in shaping things, despite your talent and hard work. I have seen that in the best of times some things happen with great ease and, at other times, the same things become tough. I remain as hard working throughout. So clearly, luck has a huge part to play. Having said that, I think there is no real replacement for talent and hard work. If you have that, no matter what your luck is, you will get somewhere. The Universe will listen to you. What is meant for you will arrive in its own Divine Time,” she says.

Talking about her experience with luck, she says, “I think I lucked out right in the beginning! It was my Day 1 in Mumbai. I had just arrived from Delhi, having finished my MA in Mass Com from Jamia. I didn’t really know people. I got the number of a company called Plus Channel which was very big in the 90's. I was instantly connected to its head Mr Amit Khanna ( the famous Lyricist) because they thought I was Anuradha from their Delhi Branch! Mr Khanna proceeded to blow me up because he thought I was that Anuradha and, later, felt guilty when he realised his mistake. Out of sheer grace, he called me over for an interview the same evening. I was new and got lost in the city and arrived a whole hour late. Yet, when I walked into the room, who did I see? Mahesh Bhatt himself, the Business Partner of the Company. In his classic style he asked me, ‘Are you any good?’, In my unconsciously cocky style I said, ‘No Sir, I am brilliant!’. He looked at me and said, ‘You're hired!’ I didn't even know for what! (laughs) But just like that I had my very first job as an Associate Director on Day 1 in Mumbai City. How's that for luck?”

Meanwhile, the Writer-Director says she believes in manifestations too. “I am such a believer of Manifestations. To me, that is pure Quantum Physics. When you know how to charge your electromagnetic field positively, you attract the right things. That is the simple Law of Attraction. Interestingly though, people make a small mistake in understanding. You can 'manifest' anything in the Astral Plane ie in the Thoughts Dimension. It is the 'Actualisation', the converting into Physical dimension, that needs your positivity and concentration. I am a thorough believer of this and I witness tiny miracles on a daily basis,” she adds with great joy.

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