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Dance, for me, is pure happiness: Ankit Bathla

Dance, for me, is pure happiness: Ankit Bathla
Ankit Bathla, who is seen as Shiva Agnihotri in Savdhaan India - Apni Khaki, says dancing brings him joy. Speaking on the occasion of International Dance Day, which is observed on April 29, he said, “Dance, for me, is pure happiness. Now, when I anchor weddings, I realize that I'm dancing joyously at someone else's wedding because dance brings me such joy.”
Though he can’t pick one favourite song to groove on, he mentioned that he likes to dance to songs by AP Dhillon, Diljit Dosanjh, and even Humma Humma. He calls himself a good dancer and added, "It’s all about the happiness that comes from dancing.”
He also revealed that he has taken formal training in dance, particularly in Salsa, and added, “I learned from Kaytee at Karma-Salsa, which emphasizes intricate footwork (shines). Of course, Bollywood dance runs in the blood of Punjabis.”
Ankit also confessed that gone are the days when only Bollywood actors were expected to be good at dancing because television did not focus much on dancing. He added, “But that's not true anymore, as we have many dance sequences, award functions, and events. Dance sequences are enjoyable due to the dynamic movements, vibrant colors, and chemistry they involve. They break the monotony of regular shows. Dance sequences are fantastic, especially at weddings, where they boost viewership ratings. People love watching dance and music; it's not only a stress buster for yourself but also for your audience.”
And what about dance reels? “It's a trend that I struggle with because I can't create reels with curated dance steps. I prefer to dance freely, following my own rhythm, which is why I don't make reels. However, I think it's a fantastic way to engage and have fun while reaching a broad audience, almost like a showreel,” he ended.

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