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Dance, Music, Passion: Namita Lal's Vibrant Rhythm

Dance, Music, Passion: Namita Lal's Vibrant Rhythm

As the world celebrates International Dance Day on April 29th, we catch up with the talented producer-actor Namita Lal, who has been part of films like Lihaaf, Before Life After Death, My Goal football, and upcoming film Pyaar Ke Do Naam. Her passion for dance adds a vibrant rhythm to her life on and off-screen.

"Dancing is a personal passion of mine," shares Namita Lal with enthusiasm. "It's not just a hobby; it's a stress-buster, mood lifter, and 'me time' all rolled into one. Whenever I feel the need, I break into a dance—whether it's during my walks or while making reels. For me, dancing is everything; it sorts out life's ups and downs."

Namita Lal's eclectic taste in music reflects in her dance choices. "I dance to everything—be it Spanish, Latin, or the evergreen Bollywood hits like 'Ramaiya Vastavaiya' and the latest groovy numbers," she reveals. "Some of my favorite songs to groove to include 'Daddy Cool' and 'Abba’. 

Despite not having formal training beyond Bharatnatyam in her teens, Namita Lal rates herself as a free-flowing dancer. "I dance with passion and from the heart," she explains. "Everywhere I go, people compliment my carefree and heartfelt style."

For Namita Lal, dancing is not just an art form but also an essential aspect of her acting career. "As an actor, knowing how to dance is crucial," she emphasizes. "It enhances physicality, movements, and postures—all vital elements for an actor's repertoire."

Reflecting on the impact of dance sequences in films, Namita Lal expresses her joy. "Indian movies are renowned for their dance sequences, and now, even internationally, our dance numbers are gaining recognition," she remarks proudly. "Dance has become integral to our identity, and it's wonderful to see how audiences appreciate our unique style.  . We dance in every occasion and people just from the folk numbers to the modern numbers, it's just in the blood of Indians and may that continue  "

In the era of social media, dance reels on popular songs have become a trend. Namita Lal shares her perspective: "Creating dance reels is a fantastic way to connect with fans and showcase our love for dance. It's a fun and engaging way to celebrate music and movement."

As we celebrate the universal language of dance on International Dance Day, Namita Lal's infectious energy reminds us of the joy and freedom that dancing brings to our lives.

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