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Happiness should be a lifestyle: Anjali Phougat The International Day of Happiness is celebrated on March 20 every year.

Happiness should be a lifestyle: Anjali Phougat 
The International Day of Happiness is celebrated on March 20 every year. This day is observed to promote the importance of happiness, well-being, and mental health. Speaking on the occasion, designer Anjali Phougat said, “Happiness should be a lifestyle. For me, it encompasses my work, my surroundings, and the activities I truly enjoy. I feel fortunate to pursue a career that aligns with my passions.”
Therefore, her happiness is in no way dependent on her career. She said, “I prioritize living in the moment because tomorrow is uncertain. Surrounding myself with people who bring joy into my life and engaging in activities that make me happy are essential to me.”
But she believes that maintaining a work-life balance is the key to happiness. She added, “Time management is a skill, and you really need to balance and prioritize things that hold more value in your life.”
For Anjali, there was not one specific day when she felt truly happy. She asserted that every day gives her happiness, and is a celebration for her. “I start my morning with gratitude, and it’s a ritual,” she said.
From something as simple as a walk, to eating healthy food, even the smallest of things give her joy.
“Art, walking in nature, consuming healthy foods, and spending time with my family are essential to me. Energy is the most important thing in my life right now, and I am mindful not to drain it or surround myself with people who do. I love immersing myself in nature; fortunately, I have plenty of trees in my yard and a huge backyard. With spring approaching and flowers blooming, I enjoy spending time outdoors. I believe in making every day special and not waiting for a special occasion, as we never know if we'll get to see tomorrow,” Anjali ended.

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