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Happy April Fools' Day: Celebrities join in on the fun, reminiscing about their favourite prank-filled memories

Happy April Fools' Day: Celebrities join in on the fun, reminiscing about their favourite prank-filled memories

Varsha Hegde
As a teenager, I used to be very mischievous. Once, my friends tried to fool me on April Fools' Day. Since we used to have a lot of fights, my classmates filled vinegar in my water bottle. As soon as I took the first sip, I spat it out, and everyone laughed. It was a very funny incident.

Simple Kaul
Right from my childhood, I used to celebrate this day. I have fooled so many people on this day. However, as you grow older, you become more serious. Now, I don’t fool people on April 1st, but I have been fooled a lot of times by my friends on April 1st. I remember once when I was in Kashmir, and as children, my cousins and I were very naughty. My mom had given my nana ji some pieces of paneer to eat, and when he ate them, he threw everything away because I had replaced it with thermocol pieces. He was so angry, and my cousin and I ran away, shouting "April fool, April fool," and had fun.

Aditya Deshmukh
During our school days, we used to carry fake lasers and fake cockroaches. We would throw them at someone or put fake snakes or lizards on someone, and the students would scream. Usually, we used to prank girls, and they would get scared. It was fun during school times. However, now we are so busy that we don’t have time, and this day used to be fun in our tender ages.

Saanand Verma
My mom always makes April fools of me, saying that there are police in the society, or there is no TV connection, or she used to say that my sister from Delhi has come to visit me, but actually, she didn’t. In my life, I have never fooled anyone, neither on April Fools' Day. Let’s see what idea my mom comes up with this time.

Gurpreet Singh
Let me tell you about my friend with the birthday on April 1st. So, we're all hyped up for this big bash. Gifts wrapped, party hats on standby, the whole shebang. But when we rocked up to his place, it was like a ghost town. No balloons, no confetti, just our puzzled faces staring back at each other. We were scratching our heads, like, "Dude, where's the party at?" And get this – he hits us with, "Oh, the celebration's on the 31st of April, at this swanky 5-star Hotel!" Now, at first, we're all like, "Yeah, sure," but then it hits us that April 31st doesn't exist! And suddenly, it all clicks. The joke's on us! But you know what? Despite the no-show party, it was one heck of a memorable day. Lesson learned: when it comes to April 1st birthdays, expect the unexpected!

Nitin Goswami
When I was small, I hid my best friend's dog, and I told him that his dog had run away. He got very stressed and searched everywhere for his dog. When he came back home, he was very sad, and then I told him that I had hidden his dog in his cupboard with his treats so he could be busy eating.

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