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Here’s why we are watching Bigg Boss only for Munisha Khatwani!

Here’s why we are watching Bigg Boss only for Munisha Khatwani!

Just like all other seasons of Bigg Boss, the latest season of Bigg Boss OTT also has contestants leaving no stone unturned to create mountains out of molehills, looking for reasons to fight. In this chaos, actress and tarot card reader Munisha Khatwani comes as a breath of fresh air!

Not only does she refrain from screaming at the top of her voice, unlike the other inmates, but she also brings with her an air of sophistication. However, Munisha also makes sure to put her point across, but in a dignified manner. During the fight between Deepak Chaurasia, Shivani Kumari and Armaan Malik yesterday, she made sure to tell her friends who she thought was right. She also made her opinion clear on the big fight that erupted as there was no food left in the house. Her most important trait was observed when she went upto Sana Sultan when she was upset, and made sure she was feeling fine!

While this show is about fights, it is also about friendship! We can also sense a friendship brewing between Chandrika and Munisha. In fact, unlike many other inmates, we can see Munisha mingling with everyone in the house. This is probably why, no one except for Deepak, nominated her as well.

We also see Munisha talking about other topics, rather than just food and fights! She recently shared her journey of becoming spiritually inclined, and how she even had an out of body experience. This is what Bigg Boss is all about, getting the know the celebrity inside out! Looking forward to a lot more from Munisha.

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