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It’s important to read the ingredients before consuming anything new : Simple Kaul


It’s important to read the ingredients before consuming anything new : Simple Kaul
Simple Kaul, who has been a part of shows like Shararat, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, and Ziddi Dil Mane Na, to name a few, reads the ingredients of any new food item that she buys. She feels it’s important because many ingredients might harm your body rather than benefit it.
She said, “I read the ingredients written behind a product if I'm taking something from advertisements. Not everything is trash and a fad , there is also healthy, interesting ,natural , organic stuff in the market today . But I read the ingredients, and I do not continue anything for long because I don't want to get addicted to anything . Body shouldn’t be used for any particular thing I feel . 

I consult a nutritionist and doctors if I’m starting something new. I’m someone who will always ask and then consume something, even if it's for a longer period of time. Even for a protein shake though I take a plant-based protein shake and the most  natural and easy  form of protein shake . I still consulted my doctor and nutritionist for it and also did some research on it . I wouldn't take these everyday consumables from the market just on my own, and if my body feels okay taking it , I will continue with it.”
“Certain products or ingredients can harm our body rather than benefit it. So it's important to read and as I said, consult a doctor or nutritionist about whether it's suitable for your body and with your existing issues and goals , how much quantity you should consume, and whether you can take it for a long time or not.  So If you are buying something for a longer consumption , you must be aware of the ingredients written on it, she adds . 
For Simple, health and wellness mean “absolutely perfect alignment with yourself.” She added, “A balanced body is a healthy body. A body that feels energized, alert and a body that feels and gets proper sleep is a healthy body.”
She follows a health pattern and a diet that was given to her by her nutritionist that is fit for her body type and her requirements. She said, “I have restaurants, so I have to eat outside, a lot of times, but I usually eat meals cooked in my own restaurant. So they are freshly made. To remain fit, it is important I follow a certain diet, and eat home-cooked food on time. I eat carbs, I avoid sweets, and maida. I'm under a nutritionist's plan, so I know what I'm going to eat in the morning , afternoon, and evening.”
“FitCru by Prateek Kumar, is the nutritionist I follow, and he has actually made my body fitter. I have lost weight because that was my goal. But he has made me stronger and fitter. I try to follow a circadian rhythm, and I stay healthy like that. As long as you are aware that you are sleeping on time, and getting up with the sunrise, I think your body remains healthy. Also, drinking a lot of water is more important,” she added. 
Simple stressed that people have always believed that being slim means being fit, but she pointed out that it’s important to workout or at least go for a walk.
“I think being slim was always considered to be healthy. Not being slim is not always healthy. Of course, it is not good to have too much weight because you lose a lot of energy. You should be fit. It's important to exercise, to walk, and to be aware of what you are consuming and in what quantity. It's important to know what time of the day you are eating. The whole idea is that your body needs to have energy, and the moment you are feeling fatigue, it means you are not in the right alignment,” she ended.

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