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It’s like opening a Pandora box: Kajol Tyagi on Paurashpur 3

It’s like opening a Pandora box: Kajol Tyagi on Paurashpur 3
Kajol Tyagi, who plays a double role as Chandrika and Atishi in ALTT's Paurashpur 3, says the show is full of mysteries and every episode will take the audience through a new twist. 
“The show is packed with drama, reincarnation storylines, mystery, and secrets waiting to be uncovered, leaving viewers with plenty to ponder. As the story unfolds, all the twists and turns will eventually come together, and the secrets will be revealed, much like opening Pandora's box. The mysteries will be solved, and all the threads will be tied up, keeping viewers engaged and curious until the very end,” she said.
She confessed that even during the audition, she was drawn to the story and its significance. She added, “Having seen a few scenes from the previous season, I was captivated by the show's aesthetic. Moreover, the concept of reincarnation resonated with me, as I've always been fascinated by the idea of punar janam (rebirth). In fact, Om Shanti Om is one of my favorite movies, and this theme is a big part of why I was so attracted to this project.”
Paurashpur season 3 is nothing less than a visual spectacle, and Kajol says it’s nothing like what the audience has seen before. “When we create a fantasy or period drama, people often try to draw parallels with similar projects. For instance, Paurashpur and Bahubali are epic stories with cliffhangers like 'Why did Kattapa kill Bahubali?' or 'Why did Snehlata kill Chandrika?'. Such comparisons are inevitable when making projects like these. However, in terms of story and presentation, our project is distinct and unique,” she said.
But she admits that shooting for it was quite challenging too. She said, The heat was challenging. Working for 12–14 hours a day was demanding enough, but add to that the clothes, jewelry, and the heat from the Masahl. While the costumes and sets looked fantastic on screen, we were literally melting behind the scenes.”
“Playing my second role as Atishi was slightly more comfortable, but portraying Chandrika was particularly tough due to the elaborate attire and sweltering conditions,” she added.
While the first two episodes are already live, the new episodes are streaming on ALTT from May 25 onwards. Talking about the second episode of the series, Kajol said, “The goal was to keep viewers engaged and curious. During filming, I didn't get to see much of what other scenes and storylines were being shot, so I'm also excited to find out what's in store for the next episodes. It's going to be a thrilling experience, discovering the story unfold just like the audience will!”

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