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Love and relationships seem to be out of the window: Namita Lal

Love and relationships seem to be out of the window: Namita Lal
Banker-turned actor-producer Namita Lal, who was seen in Lihaaf, feels that in the digital age, it has become challenging for people to connect with each other. She said, “We are living in an age of social media, with an immense amount of content available everywhere you look—whether it's YouTube, OTT channels, or all the distractions that are happening these days. It is difficult for people to connect with others face-to-face, or even on the telephone.”
“Love and relationships seem to be out of the window,” she added.
She also believes that 'me time' is extremely important. She says if a person is not able to connect to themselves, it will be difficult for them to connect to others. “If one is absolutely committed to 'me time,' it should include time with oneself, loved ones, family, and friends. Because, in my view, all of that is also 'me time.' If I invest time in relationships, that is also connected to the time I give to myself. The love I give to myself is almost equal to the love I will receive from others, and that is important,” she said.
“We now have to spend time thinking about how much time we are giving to ourselves, how much time we are giving to our family. Time is the most valuable thing we can give to anyone. My parents never demanded anything from me; they just asked for my time, and it never fails to touch my heart. That's the currency that everybody wants , whether friends, parents, or children, everyone wants time,” she added.
She pointed out that earlier, when people used to live in joint families, it was easy for one to take out some me time. “Now people have started thinking about it, actually paying attention to it. In joint families and everything, it was all given; everyone was giving and receiving from others all the time. But now, one has to schedule time, almost like putting it in a diary, whether electronic or calendar, to really think it through and invest in it!” she ended.

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