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Meet Tiara Dhody: The Fashion's IT girl who is taking the internet by storm

Meet Tiara Dhody: The Fashion's IT girl who is taking the internet by storm

A new face is making waves in B-Town - Tiara Dhody. Emerging as a rising star with multiple feathers to her talent cap, Tiara is quickly becoming a name who is capturing the attention of fashion enthusiasts as well as of people from the film industry. But who exactly is Tiara Dhody? Let's delve into the life and career of this rising star, who is establishing herself as the Fashion's IT girl!

Tiara Dhody, daughter of the renowned fashion and jewellery designers Queenie Singh and Raja Dhody, is a model by profession who is paving her way into B-town. She made her ramp debut with renowned designer Manish Malhotra at his bridal couture 2023-24 show and turned muse for ace designer Ritu Kumar's latest collection, and exuded elegance and grace at its finest while walking the ramp for her. Tiara, also popular as Internet’s IT girl, is also an entrepreneur by profession. She has her own jewellery brand ‘TREASURES BY TIARA’. She has also ventured into creatively designing a ready-to-wear Pret line for women. She has also crafted an exclusive collection of accessorized gloves. 

In 2019, she made her debut as an author with her first book titled ‘Unmask’, which is a compilation of short stories. The book talks about how women face challenges in articulating their identities, facing societal expectations, and inability to express. In an interview, while talking about her book, Tiara said, "I strongly felt that women's issues need to be highlighted. It is not just about their rights, but also how they are unable to voice their opinion and compromise in various things during their lifetime." She had shared that she is working on her second book, which she will be releasing soon! That's not it, apart from being a model, a designer and a fashion enthusiast, Tiara Dhody is an artiste, who at the age of 16, had her own art exhibition with 25 paintings of her own under the titled 'Hope Love Luck'.

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