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Nitin Goswami: Without hard work, luck won’t accompany you

Nitin Goswami: Without hard work, luck won’t accompany you

While luck is what matters in the industry, hardworking needs to go alongside, says actor Nitin Goswami who is currently part of the show Deewani. The actor adds that he has been lucky many times but his hard work has always supported his success.

“I believe in luck, but luck only works when you put in hard work. Luck can work alongside hard work, but without hard work, luck won't accompany you. If you're given one or two opportunities and you can't handle them well, then you quickly fade away. Luck has been by my side in life, sometimes more, sometimes less, but I've always continued to work hard, and I will keep doing so,” he says. 

He adds, “I've been to thousands of auditions. I remember,  there was this one production house where the  casting director never seemed to think I was a good fit. He never let me audition and always said I wasn't suitable. Eventually, I stopped going there. Then, out of the blue, after some time, he called me for an audition. I was initially busy and declined, but he insisted it was for a Haryanvi-based story, which I always wanted to do as I'm from Haryana. I decided to go, even though it was for a different production house now. The audition went well, but later I found out the channel already had a show with a Haryanvi backdrop. However, they liked my Punjabi accent, and that became my first break in Siddhivinayak. It was ironic because initially, I didn't want to audition, but luck brought me the opportunity, and despite not fitting the Haryanvi role, I got my first break.”

Talking about manifestations, he says, “When it comes to manifestations, I've started trusting them a lot more in recent years. I've been reading books on the subconscious mind, and they mention that you manifest from the heart, not just by thinking about it consciously. So, I decided to give it a try. I used manifestation to visualize myself sitting in a particular production house, signing a good agreement for a show and  trust me "Deewani" is the show from the same production house with whom I always wanted to work with so ya, I truly believe in manifesting from the heart, having faith in it, and things come true. Magic has happened in my life. I came with just two bags from home, filled with my clothes, and now, gradually, I'm earning from here through my hard work and manifestation. Not many people understand manifestation, but I believe more people should, as it's about trusting in a higher power, whether you call it God, the universe, or something else it's all the same energy. If you believe in that energy, your work will get done, no matter what name you give it.”

While academic qualifications are not considered that important by many actors in showbiz, it always helps secure your future, says the actor. @When it comes to academic qualifications, the first thing to consider is your ability to excel in the acting field. Of course, having a strong academic background is a plus point, as it reflects discipline, body language, and life experiences. It's important to have a well-rounded personality and knowledge in any field you pursue. As an actor, understanding how doctors, pilots, laborers, or teachers work is important. If I were a teacher, for instance, I'd be able to perform my job even better, or if I were a doctor, I'd excel in my profession. So, having this knowledge is definitely a plus point,” he says. 

He adds that people often feel that networking and references make all the difference in showbiz but, along with that, hard work sets you apart, he says. “In my life, I haven't been very social. I don't go out mingling with people much, so I may not know many people or have a lot of references. Perhaps I've done some good work, but not a lot because I'm not a party person. However, having good references and connections does matter a lot. It can open doors for opportunities. But alongside that, I believe in something crucial: while references are important, it's essential that you keep working hard. The reference you have from above the divine, fate, or whatever you believe in is the most significant. He  sees how hard you're working, and if you continue to work hard, he ensures you'll get the opportunities you deserve. So, while references are necessary, hard work is equally important, and it's what truly matters in the end,” he adds.

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