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Rishi Kapoor’s fourth death anniversary, Somy Ali says “I watched Karz last night and couldn’t…”

Rishi Kapoor’s fourth death anniversary, Somy Ali says “I watched Karz last night and couldn’t…”

It is Rishi Kapoor’s fourth death anniversary on Tuesday. The actor-producer breathed his last on April 30, 2020. He was suffering from leukemia and had undergone treatment in New York. Former Bollywood actress Somy Ali, who currently runs her NGO No More Tears in the USA, fondly remembers him on his death anniversary and shared that she couldn’t hold back her tears after watching the late actor’s hit movie Karz.

“I remember being in bed for four days when I heard the news about his death. It just wouldn’t register in my brain. I watched Karz last night and simply couldn’t hold back tears, missing him so much. He was highly intellectual and so kind to me the minute we met,” she said.

Remembering the time when she first met him, she said, “It all began with a photoshoot we did in the mid- or late 90's, and I told him my favorite movie of his was Karz when he asked me. I told him it was magical how you died and came back because I didn’t know much about reincarnation. This is also when I asked him about the actor who died in the movie and what happened to him. Chintuji said he’s been looking for him, and given that I am from the U.S., I should try and locate him to see if he’s okay.”

“From then onwards, every single time we bumped into one another at film studios, we talked about Raj Kiran, and I promised him that I would never stop looking and would always remember his promise no matter what,” she added.

Somy also pointed out that while people said he was arrogant, she disagrees with that sentiment about him, and added, “Who keeps worrying about a co-star for years and years like Chintuji did even a week before he passed away. I told him I would never stop looking. He was a highly underrated actor, while he was literally the best actor and most natural actor I had ever seen.”

She further said, “I will always remember him for his love for his craft, his colleagues, and his amazing heart. I don’t want to believe he’s gone; that’s how much it hurt. I believe my only resolve and closure would be to find Raj and tell Chintuji, ‘Ravi ghar aagaya.’ I miss him tons, and his family is always in my prayers.”

Somy also revealed that Rishi had asked her to watch his film, Ek Chadar Maili Si. She said, “I watched it a few years ago, and again, he was brilliant in it. He said the masses didn’t get it, but I will appreciate the script.”

Somy ended by saying that it took her four years after he passed away to watch anything of his son and actor, Ranbir Kapoor. She added, “It was because I just couldn’t handle him being gone.”

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