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Rohitashv Gour: In daily soaps, we have to shoot every day, whether it's cold, hot, or raining

Rohitashv Gour: In daily soaps, we have to shoot every day, whether it's cold, hot, or raining

Shooting daily soaps is no easy feat, says actor Rohitashv Gour, who plays the role of Tiwariji in Binaiferr and Sanjay Kohli’s show Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai! However, he adds that his show is very well planned, and the cast gets adequate time off as well. 
“The format of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai allows for a balanced work-life routine where everyone gets some work done and also some relaxation time. While there might be occasional challenges in getting time off, the working hours are generally limited to around a 12-hour shift, which rarely extends beyond that. This is unlike some other daily soap operas where the shooting schedule can be extremely demanding, making it difficult to find time for family or personal life. So, while it's true that holidays might be hard to come by, the case isn't the same for Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai due to its manageable schedule,” he says.

Ask him if he likes night shoots, and he says, “I don't support night shoots at all because they take a toll on my mental health. I've experienced the negative effects firsthand, as my doctor advised against reducing sleep because there's no alternative to it. Lack of sleep can severely impact health, so I hope night shoots can be avoided, and I pray for that to happen.”

However, even day shoots can get exhausting, he says, adding, “In daily soaps, we have to shoot every day, no matter if it's cold, hot, or raining. It can be physically exhausting, but our system is well-equipped to handle it. Our makeup rooms are fully equipped, and we enjoy shooting in a comfortable environment. Nowadays, it seems like everywhere is adopting this approach, and even producers understand that work goes on all day. So, even though it can be tough, especially in the summer heat, we manage just fine.”

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