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Shivangi Verma: I will never put on weight for a project

Shivangi Verma: I will never put on weight for a project

Actress Shivangi Verma who has been part of TV shows like Choti Sarrdaarni, Reporters and Bhootu had gained weight for a south project. However, with much dedication and hard work, she has been able to shed 10 kilos!

“I managed it somehow. It literally took me, like one year, from 69 to 59. Thanks to my dietitian, I think I was pretty focused. My workout was on point, which is why I was able to achieve this,” she says.

However, she is very clear now that she will now agree to put on weight for a role now. “Now, I will never gain weight for any project. I'm going to let go of the project, even if I have to,” she says.

Ask her to list out the most important things about losing weight, and she says, “The first one will be to diet properly, the second one will be to regularly workout, and the third one is to keep your willpower intact! I think you need to literally have control over your tongue because your tongue is something that decides how much weight you put on or lose. You need to keep a check on your tongue. Only then things are going to be possible.”  

Talking about her inspiration, she says, “In losing weight, there's no inspiration. It's just that if you've come all the way, leaving your city and your parents; you cannot let something as trivial as weight and taste of food come in the way of your work. This is how I inspire myself.”

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