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Spiritual healer Ayush Gupta: Everyone in the world need to heal their energies


Spiritual healer Ayush Gupta: Everyone in the world need to heal their energies

Tarot card reader, numerologist as well as Reiki expert Ayush Gupta says that there is a need for everyone to embark on the path to healing themselves. He adds that a healthy and happy life can be led when all your energies are aligned with who you are.

“See everyone in the world needs to heal their energies. Of course, we frequently visit various places and meet different people, we are exposed to unknown energies, and if our aura is weak or unprotected, these energies can affect us, potentially increasing the dominance of negative energies around us. Reiki healing has the ability to address and diminish this negative energy influence, helping to strengthen your aura, balance your 7 chakras, and provide protection against negative energies, whether encountered through people or places,” he says.

He adds, “So I guess every human being, not just from India, not just from Dubai, but everyone across the world should experience healing  and should take healing sessions and also to balance the energies in day today life meditation would be beneficial for them.”

Talking about his plans in Dubai, he says, “I'm coming to Dubai between the first to 10th March and there's an event on 3rd March Rise in Dubai. We have a reiki session with a bunch of people. We will talk to them about reiki and how they can release traumas from their life, how meditation can help them to keep themselves aligned in their day to day life, and also how it can help in their professional betterment. It's a whole festival on 3 March where different sorts of holistic activities would be done. In these ten days, we also have some sessions with some of the real estate builders in Dubai and members of the royal families. We'll be available for one on one sessions as well. So anyone who wants to connect, they can definitely get in touch.”

He would also be reaching out to kids in Dubai. “We are planning to implement meditation in the schools of Dubai, because of course, Dubai has focused a lot on materialistic success. They have built a place where people can get different sorts of huge opportunities. But we need to bring that spiritual energy and spiritual vibrations to that place. That will come when the future generation, the kids, start doing meditation. So that's how it will help them. We have a vision that schools of Dubai should be involved with the meditation practice,” he says.

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