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XG Announce Highly-Anticipated 2nd Mini Album! The first pre-release track, "SOMETHING AIN'T RIGHT" will be out on July 26th!

XG Announce Highly-Anticipated 2nd Mini Album! The first pre-release track, "SOMETHING AIN'T RIGHT" will be out on July 26th!

Yesterday, on the 8th July, an image showing a beam of light between ocean, clouds and sun was posted to XG's social media, with a caption declaring that XG’s 2nd Mini Album was set for release in late 2024.

Today, it was further announced that the first pre-release track from the 2nd mini album, "SOMETHING AIN'T RIGHT," would be released Friday, July 26th.

"SOMETHING AIN'T RIGHT" is a retro-style track based on garage rhythms and featuring addictive refrains that highlight the individuality of each of the seven XG members, with a variety of sounds hidden within its minimalism. The song is directly produced by JAKOPS (SIMON JUNHO PARK), the head and general producer of XGALX, and combines an up-tempo 90s-esque track along with XG's vivid originality to create "music that makes everyone want to dance, regardless of age or gender."

The cover photo differs in style from XG’s previous work "WOKE UP," and is a colorful pop design full of the individuality of the seven members, showcasing XG's unique abilities.

XG's 5th single "WOKE UP," released on May 21st, ranked number one on the YouTube trending chart in the United States. Additionally, it topped the “Global Japan Songs Excl. Japan” chart, which ranks Japanese songs that are hits worldwide, for five consecutive weeks. Each release continues to set new records, cementing XG’s status as a "global rising group" with unstoppable momentum.

On July 6th, XG made their first appearance on Nippon TV's "THE MUSIC DAY," performing their 5th single "WOKE UP" and "SHOOTING STAR," which was released in January 2023 and became the theme song for a Spotify brand commercial. "SHOOTING STAR" is a fan-favorite track, and its first TV performance in Japan garnered significant attention on social media, leading to XG's Wikipedia page achieving the highest number of views domestically that day.

Currently, XG is on their first world tour, "The first HOWL," and will kick off their overseas performances on Thursday July 11th, with a concert in Seoul, aiming to excite ALPHAZ worldwide.

Anticipation is high for XG's 2nd mini album and their upcoming song "SOMETHING AIN'T RIGHT", as the world eagerly awaits the impact they will surely deliver.


The 1st pre-release song (from XG’s 2nd Mini Album)
2024.07.26 FRI

In May of this year, XG showed an unprecedented breaking of stereotypes with "WOKE UP", a song created with a powerful rap verse and unconventional composition.

The first pre-release song "SOMETHING AIN'T RIGHT" from XG’s 2nd Mini Album scheduled for release by late 2024, will be released on July 26.

"SOMETHING AIN'T RIGHT" is a retro song based on garage rhythms, with a catchy refrain that brings out the individuality of each of XG's seven members, and a variety of sounds hidden within the minimalism of the track.

Produced by JAKOPS (SIMON JUNHO PARK), the representative and producer of XGALX, the song is an up-tempo track reminiscent of the 90s with XG's originality, expressing "Music that makes everyone want to dance, regardless of age or gender."



XG is a seven-member HIPHOP / R&B girl group consisting of JURIN, CHISA, HINATA, HARVEY, JURIA, MAYA, and COCONA. They debuted in March 2022 with their first single "Tippy Toes" under the global entertainment production company "XGALX," which aims to promote bold culture worldwide and produce artists with unique worldviews.

In September 2023, they released their first mini-album "NEW DNA," which topped the Billboard JAPAN "Hot Albums" chart. In November of the same year, they held their first solo live concert with an audience, "XG 'NEW DNA' SHOWCASE in JAPAN," at Pia Arena MM. XG operates primarily on the global stage, participating in major music festivals in countries such as the United States, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates. They achieved numerous milestones, including ranking first as the first Japanese artist on the Billboard "Hot Trending Songs Powered by Twitter" chart and becoming the first Japanese girl group to grace the cover of the U.S. "Billboard" magazine.

In 2024, they announced their first world tour, "XG 1st WORLD TOUR 'The first HOWL'." The group name "XG" stands for "Xtraordinary Girls." Through their unconventional music and performances, they aim to empower people from various backgrounds around the world.

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